1060mm (41") version printed on the Prusa Mk2s

This is the building forum for the Combat Boat 90. If you are interested in the STL's for this project, they are available to those who help me by contributing 15 Euro. Then you get access to a sub-forum where STL's, instructions and mods are located.
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1060mm (41") version printed on the Prusa Mk2s

Postby Haoleboy » Sun Aug 26, 2018 6:40 pm

Knowing there are some great high performance engines available from KMB (https://www.kehrer-modellbau.de/en/kmb- ... -to-kamewa) that are high performance and reliable, I am creating a SB90 that is about 1060mm in length to fit these drive units. I have scaled the model by 1.6x and split the parts apart to fit on the prusa Mk2S bed.

Hobbyking makes a great motor that fits these units with lots of power and efficiency:
https://hobbyking.com/en_us/propdrive-v ... motor.html

My plan is to epoxyglass the parts together with section 4 designed for the larger KMB28 jet units- then possibly make a one piece mould for a true epoxyglass hull. The upper deck parts I'll print from ABS for durability and light weight.

photos below of progress so far- 2 sections left to print for the hull.
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