My CB-90

This is the building forum for the Combat Boat 90. If you are interested in the STL's for this project, they are available to those who help me by contributing 15 Euro. Then you get access to a sub-forum where STL's, instructions and mods are located.
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My CB-90

Postby angeloreyes27 » Thu Dec 06, 2018 10:02 pm

Hello everybody,

I have opened this post to comment with you the challenges, decisions, issues, etc that I found building my CB-90. I hope this could be helpful for new makers.

Currently I have an operating version of Depronized CB-90 in normal scale, printed with a Prusa i3 MK3.

I have used Torandi engine mounts for 2040SL water cooled, but haven't used his cooling system, as Depronized micro pumps looks more interesting for me, even when they have some feeding problems, as this is a project for fun I decided to go trough the hard way.
To avoid these feeding problem I have create a water intake inspired in ram air systems, to push water into the pump and break water bubbles which make pump turn with air. They also keep the boat straight when you pick it out of the pool :P

I also decided to replace plastic bearings with real sealed bearings, as plastic ones doesn't look hard enough to hold all the torque and revs generated by the motors.

Related to carbon fiber rods, I really recommend you to change them for steel ones, if you want to make a high performance boat, as with carbon fiber ones I have had to replace them every single time I test it at maximum torque. They literally disintegrate.

Plastic motor coupling also gives me problems, but just because my engine and turbine axle are not perfectly aligned, and they use to broke due to friction and vibrations, so I will replace them with an aluminium cardan.

I made the hull with ABS, trying to improve the hull hardness avoiding to use fiber glass and epoxi, and it works, but i'm not really happy with the result as the hull is too thin and at last it needs some help. Also was a bad decision for me as its hard to control the warping.

I have installed a FPV camera on boat's cabin with a customized support. This is specially useful to sail rivers, as sometimes the boat gets out of bore sight.

Detachable roof top, to access all cabin electronics.

N20 motor with planetary gearbox fits perfect for radar.

50A Water cooled ESC

Lights, radar, FPV, and pumps can be controlled from the transmitter, using remote switches

Ensure that your battery have enough output to handle all.

Shop list:

This list is for someone who starts from scratch.

Now I'm working on a double sized version applying all the things learned with my first one, and recycling most of electronics and replacing them with cheaper ones from other disassembled RC projects.
I'm building it in PLA, at the moment it looks hard enough to sail on the river and hit woods and stones, but anyway I will reinforce it with fiber glass.

(Post in process)

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Re: My CB-90

Postby admin » Wed Dec 19, 2018 5:05 pm

Would love to see some pictures of the one you have completed! :D

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