The Combat Boat 90 project

If you came here from the 3D-printing community on facebook, this project is probably what brought you here. Either way, here is a short brief of this project. I’ve been CAD’ing and 3D-printing a lot of train toys/models (see previous post) during 2017, and towards the end of the year I wanted to do a scale RC-boat project, mainly to have at our country house as it’s close to water.

One day during my lunch brake a police version of the Combat boat 90 was hovering outside my office, apparently with police officers digging through a bunch of old boats used by homeless people. Right there I knew I had to build a model of that boat!

First step were to test a 3D-printed water jet as I had never done that before, so I started to draw an imitation of the Kamewa FF410 water jet system found on the Combat boat 90.

The test proved successful, so I started work on the actual boat. It wasn’t really easy to choose the size, until I realized I could test buoyancy in the CAD software, and after that I came to the conclusion that 1:24 scale was most practical, both from a weight perspective and size for printing. This means that the boat is roughly 70 cm long in total and weighs completed between 1,3 to 1,6 kg.

Now, a couple of hundred hours and one beta-prototype printed and given to a friend, the project is nearing completion. At the time of writing, I’m working on assembling my final version that will be RC-controlled, motors are ordered from Hobbyking (brushless 20mm motors).

For those who wants to build their own, I share the STL’s for a small charge. The reason for charging is to fund a new printer, as I’m very keen on getting into to SLA printing because of an interest in really small models. So by purchasing access to the STL’s, you are contributing directly to my 3D-printing work, and may projects will be shared for free in the future as result of that. So thanks in advance!

It works like this, you register at my forum ( and send either a PM to admin, or send a PM to me on Facebook, once you’ve payed (equivalent of €15) I grant you access to a restricted part of the forum where all the STL’s gets published, and tons of pictures and discussion about the construction will be uploaded as well, and you are of course welcome to ask questions about the assembly and other things.

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