How to buy the Combat Boat 90 STL’s

I know it’s been a bit unclear how to get hold of the STL’s for the Combat Boat 90 project. Instead of sending you a giant zip-file with the almost 100 STL’s, I give you access to a restricted part of my forum where the STL’s are published in an easier to overview way.

Here’s how it works.

1. Register at the forum

2. Send a PM to admin, or email me at olle.skold (at) with your forum username, as well as agree on payment method. (Cost is 15 Euro equivalent).
Easiest is PayPal or Swish.

3. Once payment is received I add you to the group with access to the restricted part of the forum where you can download STL’s and check out the instruction threads. This is not time limited, so you can download one section at a time while you’re printing, to make it a lot easier to keep track of all the files.

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