Finding inspiration in the works of professional model builders

One of the best sources of inspiration is to see real masterpieces created by the very best builders. This is one of those, and actually the very one that got me interested in creating a couple of RC-controlled, 3D-printed scale boats.

Materia is an Italian company creating true master pieces of model building.

Most of the details on this boat has been 3D-printed using several different methods. SLA makes it possible to get really good results with tiny details like deck chairs and small intricate parts. FDM and SLS is good for bigger parts like the hull.

To get the this kind of result, the printed parts have been primed and painted not only to get the right color, but also to get the shiny surfaces and hide the imperfections left behind by the printing process. The result is absolutely mindblowing if you ask me!

Click here for more pictures of this amazing model!

On Materias website portfolio page you can find more fantastic model builds

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